Streatham Kite Festival 2011

Bob Colover

The weather was looking excellent for the day, Peter Hale and I made an early start as we had the awkward journey going straight through London, Park Lane, Victoria, Brixton, Streatham. But the journey was very worthwhile as Bob Colover organised an excellent festival.

The altitude sprint was at 11.30am about half a dozen people entered, the judge was Gavin. I won this again but I did decide to give the prize (a bottle of Old Speckled Hen) to the kite flyer that came 2nd – that was Chris Head of Sky Symphony with his large white well worn Delta…cheers.

Sky Symphony

Sky Symphony (otherwise known as 'The Kite Flying Red Arrows') formed in 2000 were the display team for the festival. With excellent flying with their custom built T4s, the gentle wind seemed perfect for them – well done.

Other flyers were Chris Geoff, Carl Robershaw, Bryan Beasley, another Carl and Piero Serra all entering 'It's a Trick Out'. They all flew 1st class to me.

Music on the PA was brilliant – Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, 60's bands, my sort of music, plus some Indian music.

Jamaican flag roller

A group of about four Indian kite flyers put on a display, flying many hundreds of feet. Carl Robershaw was having fun with his Rev, great to watch. A green and black Jamaican flag roller looked good in the sky as well as the giant kites from the BKF.

In the middle of the afternoon there must have been hundreds of people here, I've never seen Streatham Common so busy. The kite traders were The Highwaymen and the chap who has the miniature kites in the world.

There were also a children's workshop, face painting, food stalls, and a Streatham tent/stall about local information. Peter lost his red swallow kite high up in a tree, I'll make him a new one, what colour would you like?

We had a wonderful day; I took some photos that you can see in the gallery.

We just have the worst part now, driving through London to go home but it's all worth it. I will be back next year – thanks Bob.

Stephen Hodges

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